About The Book

About the BOOK

Torn A Novel

Dr. Jack Conley, a medical intern, is mulling his future at a Brooklyn, hospital. Having found that he is not as fond of medicine as he thought he would be, Jack was on his way to visit a childhood friend, the hospital chaplain, when he was suddenly paged overhead to the Intensive Care Unit of the Emergency Room. A fifteen-year-old girl lay there, near death due to a botched back alley abortion. Jack is horrified and now discovers his mission. He will utilize his medical training to protect other women from suffering a similar fate. But, over time, he becomes busy building a career and forgets this purpose.

Later, When the founder of Planned Parenthood introduces herself, and Jack becomes very much involved in a romantic relationship with, Jennifer, a Junior Resident on his staff, he becomes involved in a multitude of moral and life issues. Meanwhile, Roe v. Wade, pro-life groups, Vatican II (Humanae Vitae), and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in fetal stem cell research are dividing the country – dangerously so, as Jack and Jennifer are about to discover.